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i keep you jealously to myself.

immature love you breed immature hate.
25 November
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"Always remember, others may hate you, but those who hate you don't win unless you hate them, and then you destroy yourself."
-Richard Nixon

things i hate:

♥ waking up at the butt crack of dawn.
♥ play station 2.
♥ boys who wear make-up.
♥ boys who wear girl pants.
♥ boys who have better hair then me.
♥ boys. (i said boys not men.)
♥ homewreckers. sluts. girls who think it's the in thing now. whores. junkies. trashtalkers.
♥ shitty diapers.
♥ taking my son in and out of the carseat (that's hazel's job)
♥ round chicken nuggets.
♥ coke in a can.
all of my boyfriends ex girlfriends.
♥ not being treated like a woman should be.
♥ cocharoaches.
♥ car accidents.
♥ lame sex, ya know that wam bam thank you mam type of shit (where's the romance?).
♥ pill binges.
♥ when kai's a big douche bag and angers like a like whiny little bitch who got her girl scout cookies taken (save it!).
♥ fake people (although it seems that's all there is now a days).
♥ brown chips and/or french fries.
♥ when james has a diaper rash.

Drama free.

I am OFFICIALLY drama free. I do not want any type of drama in my life. I just want to go out and have fun. Live my life. I'm 21, a mother and I'm just going to enjoy myself.

I'm letting go of it all.