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immature love you breed immature hate.

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marriage can be a struggle... [Wednesday
December 16th, 2009]
gotta make it work.
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wow.... [Friday
November 27th, 2009]
it's been a minute...
i used to use this like all of the time.
my baby is sleeping and hubby went to get some water for her and vodka for me. mmm.
going to stoney's sunday night. it'll be my first night out in FOREVER and a day. seriously. my friend is taking my for my birthday. <3
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NAMES [Saturday
April 4th, 2009]
NOLAN QUINN for a baby boy

not sure on girl names so i'm starting a list.


The name Cadence is a baby girl name. The name Cadence comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Cadence is: Variant of Cady: a rhythmic flow of sounds.

Kaelin (only id spell is Caelin)

The name Kaelin is a baby girl name. The name Kaelin comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Kaelin is: Variant of Kay and Kayla, meaning: keeper of the keys; pure.
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im very confused. [Tuesday
March 31st, 2009]
as to how lj works now. lol. :(
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god reading journals [Thursday
June 15th, 2006]
made me oddly depressed. well a little more so then i was anyways. i read about all these girls who had so much trouble in their relationships remembering back when and now their happier then a pig in shit living with their boyfriends who they had trouble with. my ex does some crazy shit and now me and pat have to live apart? fuckkk. blah. i miss him. i really do. but yeaa i'm getting used to this. somewhat anyways.

i'm suppose to go out with ashley and jenn tonight but i'm kind of tired. i have pats cousins graduation to attend in the morning at 7:15 anyways.

nevermind. jenn just called and looks like she's coming up here to chill. sounds better then having to go out. i'm to depressed anyways....

i'm tired but my mind won't stop thinking about shit. ♥

anyways hope all is well with everyone else.

[[edit: after reading what i wrote i realized i guess you just have to be patient. life goes on no matter what. fuck depression. yea like that'll stop it but whatever at least i'm in a positive momment, which i have at times. everythings fine with me and my boyfriend he keeps trying to reassure me of that but it doesn't feel right. who knows. shit happens for a reason. okay i'm off now. night]]
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and my baby boyyy. [Wednesday
June 14th, 2006]
james raymond.Collapse )
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picturesssss. [Wednesday
June 14th, 2006]
me and my love.Collapse )
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I'm loving the moment. [Saturday
December 10th, 2005]
EVERYTHING happens for a reason and I believe that reasoning is starting to fall in place.


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i think ill kick myself in the ass... [Thursday
December 8th, 2005]
if thats carey hart from hart and hunnigton which is on ink which i watch all the time.


wtf? i was going to get a tat from his shop.

p.s. i made it so that i screen non-friend comments and i dont check the email that has the comments that need to be screened. so i wont get any of them. :D lol. not like i would want to anyways. i could if i really did but i dont.
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more pics... TOTAL CAMERA WHORE. [Wednesday
December 7th, 2005]
I saw pharell, gwen stefani, nick cannon, some BMXer who made eye contact with me on more then one occasion and made my giddy (lmao) aka pinks fiance i think and someone else. Kanye was there but we didn't get to see him.

My son got his 12 month shots today. I felt so bad for him. My poor kudos. He's doing good though. We've been hanging out with eachother all day, watching T.V., playing little games and we fell asleep holding eachother. I swear I've finally figured out all I really need is him. I just need my baby boy by my side and I will be fine. He makes me happy like no other could and I would never let anything or one stand in our way. He's made me stronger. I love him.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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I'm not fragile anymore, you can't break me. [Tuesday
December 6th, 2005]
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December 1st, 2005]
I got VIP @ pure nightclub saturday december 3rd.
DJ AM and Travis Barker on drums.
Who wants to come?

I'm 21. [Wednesday
November 30th, 2005]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

I'm twenty-one now. ♥
Feels nice.
How's everyone?

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